Our service

Airport and city transfers

We provide safe and reliable limousine services in Tokyo and Chiba, customers can choose from our fleet of minivans, or either regular or prestige sedans(BMW and Mercedes). Being on a sightseeing trip or attending an important business meeting, we have the right vehicles for you.

We specialised in engaging airport transfer service, with undisputed service matching your needs. Our drivers will meet you right after you step out of airport's custom check, assist you with your luggage, and bringing you to your destination safely and in comfort. For your transfer back to the airport, your chauffeur will assist you with your luggage onto the trolley before bidding you farewell. We also cater for short to long-term car hire fulfiling your outsourcing needs. We know that parking charges are extremely expensive in Tokyo and worst still, you may not find a suitable parking space. Let us solve the headaches for you. limousine service

We offer the latest model Toyota Hiace all fitted with a high roof top for better headroom when moving about the cabin. This also helps eliminate clustofobia especially when travelling long distances. As we are specialised in the area of serving small to medium size travel groups, we have 2 different configuration of mini-vans that allows a larger seating of 14 passengers with few hand-carry lugguage or a slightly smaller seating of 9 passengers with lots of stowage space able to accommodate several large suitcases. There is no charge for the number of lugguages so long as they fit in its designated space.

Our unique features

As a transfer company, JCK engaged in the following business.
1.Beginning with the translation service, we also provide a temporary employment service.
We have got the permission from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan (13-302778) to provide the temporary employment service, which includes the dispatching of interpreters of English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Philippine, Spanish, and Brazilian.

2.As a travel agency
Registered Travel Agency No.3-5541
-Member of Japan Association of Travel Agents(JATA)
-Registered in China National Tourism Organization to Japan (0509-005)

3.As a Vehicle Charter service provider.
We have several vehicles and could provide the excellent service with our well-trained drivers. All of them have got the driver's licenses in Japan and could provide safe transfer for you.

With the above characteristics, we provide the following services for our customers.

1.Multilingual transfer service

We have English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Philippine, Spanish, and Brazilian speaking staff to accompany you during the transfer.

1.Narita airport - Haneda airport and vice versa
2.Narita airport - hotel in Tokyo downtown
3.Haneda airport - hotel in Tokyo downtown
4.hotel in Tokyo downtown - Narita airport
5.hotel in Tokyo downtown - Haneda airport
6.We specialized in providing small group travel services
a. One day’s Tokyo downtown sightseeing travel
b. One day’s Mt. Fuji &Hakone sightseeing travel
c. One day’s Nikko sightseeing travel

According to the number of customers, we could dispatch medium or large-sized buses.

We provide small group travel service.

1.One day’s Tokyo downtown sightseeing travel
2.One day’s Mt. Fuji &Hakone sightseeing travel
3.One day’s Nikko sightseeing travel
4.We provide the set ticket fee for Shinkansen and hotel for your travel in kyoto and Osaka.(For example, the round-trip Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Osaka is 13,850X2=27,700yen, so the total travel fee including four-star or five-star hotel is around 25,580yen)
5.travel from Tokyo to Hokkaido or Okinawa
Tokyo - Hokkaido package fee of ticket and hotel
Tokyo - Okinawa package fee of ticket and hotel
(For example, the round-trip ticket of Tokyo - Hokkaido、 Tokyo - Okinawa is around 45,000, the package fee of ticket and hotel is 45,000yen)